Revolutionizing Bathroom Cleanliness: The Power of Powder Bomb

IMCD Sweden partners with Innospec to deliver our customers an innovative solution, Powder Bomb – an effervescent toilet bowl cleaner

Maintaining a clean and hygienic bathroom is essential for the well-being and comfort of everyone. The evolution of cleaning products has led to the development of innovative solutions, including the remarkable, effervescent toilet bomb cleaning product. Far more than just a catchy name, toilet bombs are taking the cleaning industry by storm with their convenience, effectiveness, and eco-friendliness. We will now explore what a toilet bomb is, how it works, and the numerous benefits offered to both households and the environment.

Traditional cleaning methods often involve multiple products, sometimes vigorous scrubbing, and significant time investment. Toilet bombs simplify the bathroom cleaning process dramatically. These small, effervescent tablets are designed to be dropped into the toilet bowl, where they dissolve and release a powerful combination of cleaning agents.

Stable high foam as delivery system for high
efficiency single treatment concept for:  


  • Limescale removal / build-up prevention

  • Deeper cleaning / tough stains removal 

  • Odour Control

Formulation options: 

  • Petrochemical based version: NaLAS (ref. TC-i0021 V2)

  • “Veggie” version: ref. XHI-234 (designed around a special blend of anionic surfactants – XHI-232)

Format options: 

  • Free flowing powder

  • Compressed tablet

Packaging Options: 

  • Plastic bottle with dosing cap, recyclable metal container

  • Pre-dosed Water-soluble film, water soluble paper sachet or aluminum sachet (best performing option)

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