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Welcome to IMCD Sweden

Consisting of 8 markets, IMCD Nordic provides an extensive global portfolio of specialty chemicals and ingredients together with technical expertise and local knowledge – innovative solutions to all our partners.


Business Groups

Across our eight market sectors we are creating a world of opportunity through the breadth of our technical expertise and high-quality portfolio of products used in almost every aspect of daily life.

Advanced Materials

advanced materials

Coatings & Construction

coatings and constuction

Food & Nutrition

people eating different type of foods from a table wearing yellow


different coloured pills from a pharmaceutical jar on purple surface

Home Care and I&I

blue water line hitting green tropical forest

Lubricants & Energy

pouring amber colored motor oil from a plastic container

Beauty & Personal Care

two women leaning on each others back with applied skin care

Industrial Solutions

a man in blue clothes walking against the sun in industrial environment

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