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For the Lubricants & Energy sector, our specialist teams support customers with formulations in these key markets.

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Across the globe, the IMCD Lubricants & Energy team analyse industry trends on energy consumption, sustainability and emission reductions, alongside changes in legislative or OEM requirements for all of our market segments and its products.

Whether you are looking to improve an existing formulation, or innovate to find a new solution, our experts are here to help.
Read on to explore our markets and don't hesitate to contact us when you're ready to get started.

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IMCD offers innovative solutions for the following market segments:

Lubricants & Fuels
pumping piston splashing with lubricants oil
Automotive Lubricants

Our range goes from engine oils (heavy duty Diesel engine oils, passenger car motor oils, marine Diesel oils, small engine oils, gas engine oils) to driveline fluids (automatic transmission fluids, axle oils, manuel transmission fluids, off-highway oils).

yellow hydraulic press with industrial oil grease
Industrial Oils

We offer additives and base oils for greases & pastes, industrial gear oils, hydraulic fluids, turbine & compressor oils, chain oils and process oils.

industrial drill with lubricant fluid system
Metal Working Fluids

We offer a wide product selection to formulate neat and soluble oils to meet a broad spectrum of metal protection and processing needs. These include metal forming and removal fluids, protective fluids, quenching fluids, cleaning fluids, way & slideway oils as well as biocides.

golden color painted car at gas station

The fuels market segment includes gasoline fuels, Diesel, agricultural and home heating fuels as well as biofuels.

yellow drilling rig platform at calm sea with blue sky
Energy - Upstream

We offer drilling fluids, wellbore cements and well stimulation such as fracturing.

industrial energy piping at plant at night
Energy - Midstream

Our offer includes raw materials for optimal storage, and stabilisation for transport as well as oil and gas processing.

industrial energy plant with yellow and grey piping in blue sky
Energy - Downstream

Our broad portfolio for treating and purifying oil & gas streams can also be offered for alternative fuels, including biogas, biomethane and hydrogen.

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