Ecoworld is the trade name for the bioplastic PBAT of JinHui.


  • ► Ecoworld® Biodegradable Polymer
  • Ecoworld® Biodegradable Polymer can be broken down by microorganism into CO2, H2O and high quality organic fertilizers within 180 days under composting conditions without generating any poisonous gas. It is the main raw material for biodegradable plastic films which can help reducing white pollution.
  • ►Technical Properties
  • Ecoworld® Biodegradable Polymer uses one-step polymerization technology during production. It corresponds with American and European food contact safety standards, EN13432 and ASTM6400D standards. Its shelf life is 12 months under the condition of being stored in sealed packages. It can ensure a storage life of 12 months after being processed into finished products.
  • ► PBAT Application
  • Ecoworld® Biodegradable Polymer can be widely applied to the manufacturing of shopping bags, food packages, mulch films,garbage bags, etc.

1 Trade grade

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