Exotic and exclusive oil mix combining the soothing, calming and antioxidant properties of Chia seed oil with the powerful nourishing properties of Sacha Inchi oil. It is loaded with: Very high content of Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids (PUFAs): - Specially concentrated in α - linolenic acid (Ω 3) - High concentration of linoleic acid (Ω 6) and oleic acid (Ω 9). High concentration of Tocopherols (delta & specially gamma, not found in other botanical oils).


  • Reduce split hairs and hair breakage
  • - Restores the scalp & hair barrier
  • - Increases brightness
  • - Prevents hair sun damage
  • - Protects hair color
  • - Improves scalp comfort calming itching sensation
  • - Restores moisturization


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