Sensory emollients


  • Plant-based emollients. Contrary to non-renewable resources such as petroleum or silicon feedstocks, plants are readily renewable.
  • Lightest emollients, ranging in skin-feel from barely-there to soft and luxurious. Ideal for hair oils, deodorants, matte and satin complexion products, and dry-touch sun care.
  • Middleweight emollients exemplify a balance between nourishing and delicate. Non-greasy and with a longer playtime, these emollients are great for nourishing facial skincare, glowy natural finishes, and all hair conditioners and treatments.
  • Substantial emollients designed to impart gloss, bounce, and moisturization. Cushiony emollients are favorites for lip care, nourishing body care, and cuticle-sealing hair care.

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