PORE REDUCTYL-NT is a purified, concentrated active, extracted from the pulp of Fomes Officinalis, a mushroom that grows in East Europe on the trunk of Alerces. PORE REDUCTYL NT is a pore refiner for oily and mixed skins. It is a natural astringent containing agaric acid, that overcomes all excessive secretion, smoothing, tightening and moisturizing the skin. It is a natural alternative to aluminum salts. Thanks to its astringent properties PORE REDUCTYL NT exerts a mild anti-perspirant effect, without obstructing eccrine sweat glands, favoring natural detoxification and skin breathing. 100% Natural Origin ISO 16128


  • Natural astringent and cleanser
  • - Reduce the number and size of dilated pores giving a mattifying effect on skin
  • - Its astringency and pore tightening effect do not dry the skin; on the contrary, it moisturizes the stratum corneum
  • - Minimize the visible appearance of skin suffering from excess sebum secretion
  • - Natural anti-perspirant. Alternative to aluminum salts

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