Nutritive and firming natural plant extract for a radiance skin and hair. Extracted from Maca, the Inca’s main vitality source. It contains nutritious substances like: - Proteins: in a higher quantity than at any other vegetables. - Amino acids:18 including essential amino acids. - Minerals: Fe, Zn, Mn, Ca, Potassium, etc. - Vitamins: Vitamin B’s including niacin. - Active principles: Flavonoid, Terpenoid, Alkaloid, Saponin, Glucosinolate, etc INCI: Propanediol, Aqua (Water), Lepidium Meyenii Extract


  • mproves the growth and genesis of new cells, specifically fibroblast
  • - Provides energy and luminosity to dull skin
  • - Increase hair thickness and improve devitalized hair
  • - Fights hair loss and promotes its growth

1 Trade grade

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