"Diacetanil Yellow 1715C is a transparent greenish shade Diarylide Yellow (PY17) pigment offering good heat resistance with high transparency and gloss, making it a recommended pigment for inks. Diacetanil Yellow 1715P is a transparent greenish yellow shade Diarylide Yellow (PY17) pgiment offering high transparency and good dispersibility, making it a recommending pigment for many plastics applications. Diacetanil Orange pigments provide highly transparent yellowish to more reddish clean shades of oranges with high gloss and color strength, and are suitable for many ink applications. Our range of yellowish orange Diacetanil Orange pigments provides high color strength, making them suitable for use in plastics at moderate temperatures (200°C max). "


  • Good heat resistance
  • High transparency and gloss
  • Offering high transparency
  • Good dispersibility
  • Color strength

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