Selvol™ Polyvinyl Alcohol is commonly used for adhesives, but it also widely used in industry and agriculture in emulsion polymerization, films and packaging, as well as oil field cementing, paper, textiles, ceramics, and seed coating. As a top polyvinyl alcohol supplier, we are continually developing new applications and products featuring polyvinyl alcohol.


  • Individual Selvol™ Polyvinyl Alcohol grades vary in molecular weight and degree of hydrolysis
  • Molecular weight is generally expressed in terms of solution viscosity
  • The viscosities are classified as ultra low, low, medium and high, while degree of hydrolysis is commonly denoted as super, fully, intermediate and partially hydrolyzed. A wide range of standard grades is available
  • Several specialty grades are available, including polymerization, fine particle size and tackified polyvinyl alcohols

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