Woven mat combinations can be manufactured in widths from 10 to 250 cm and are composed of at least two layers. Most common combinations consist of a woven roving that has been stitch-bonded to one or several layers of chopped strand mats. COMBIGLASS are available in a wide range of wowen Roving and mats, typically the woven parts has an area density between 300 gr/M2 and 1,5kg/M2 and mat side can vary from 150 gr/M2 up to 600 gr/M2 Other combinations are possible on demand, also double side mats are available


  • This laminate receives its stiffness and strength from the woven roving while the mat ensures a smooth surface
  • Customized combinations are always possible
  • The thickness and stiffness of the woven mat combination can be easily and efficiently increased
  • Placed into the desired mold and wetted with resin to increase productivity
  • Used in boatbuilding, sports and leisure sector, transport sector, sewer rehabilitation as well as in different industrial applications

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